Vertica Big Data Conference 2014
Boston, August 11-14, 2014

Agenda Overview

Agenda Overview

Monday, August 11

Pre Conference offerings

Best Practices Open Forum

Come on in and stay as long as you like. No appointment needed. This is an open opportunity to discuss Vertica best practices with our experts and customers with similar interests.

You can chat with our Solutions Architects.
You can exchange ideas with customers and hear how they leverage Vertica.
You can discuss your use case.
You can discuss infrastructure: optimal cluster sizes, best hardware, network, best practices for ingestion, workload management, backup restore, tools and more!

It’s all about you and what you want to discuss!
Conversations will be grouped by: Under 25TB, 25TB to 200TB, 200+TB
You can also visit us in the Partner Zone.


These training sessions will help you understand and better work with the Vertica Analytics Platform. We suggest selecting the appropriate classes, per each time slot offered and experience level, to maximize your knowledge. Class sizes have been specifically designed to encourage a dynamic interaction. For more information on our comprehensive training program please visit the HP Vertica Training site.

Hackathon (#HackVertica)

The Hackathon is an all-day event, participants from various skillsets come together to develop something “cool”, hands-on, with the data in Vertica and come up with a demonstration using predefined data sets to show your work to judges.   It is designed for intermediate to advanced users of Vertica.   The recommended team size is  3-4 people with various skillsets, each group will be given a set of data to work with and the judges will be using specific criteria to select a winner!  Prizes will be given out for first, second and third place winners. 

Special Interest Groups

Connect Worldwide, Inc

Real-time Data Driven Apps Reduce Time-to-value for Your Big Data Insights

Big data is on everyone’s minds these days. We worry about velocity, volume, and variety of data running through the enterprise. While the transactional data continues to be the most pressing, correlating transactions with the interactions and perceptions that are represented in big data is ushering in a renaissance of real-time analytics and insights, unleashing the true value of big data. Though there are many challenges when integrating OLTP systems to the analytics environment, we have scratched the surface of these challenges with real-time data integration from transactional systems to data warehouses to machine data and log data of all forms being generated by a multitude of sensors.

Today, the analytics framework is significantly more sophisticated with the addition of technologies like Hadoop, Autonomy, and Vertica. We need a similar new approach to delivering value from real-time big data. The WebAction Real-time App Platform is an end-to-end solution combining high speed data acquisition with in-memory distributed event processing to correlate, enrich, filter, and deliver your structured and unstructured data streams with ease. The platform ultimately reduces time-to-value for your big data insights.

VIVIT Deep Dive Session

Sponsors: SoftNet and Synnex
Course Level:  Beginner from Big Data perspective.
Audience & Prerequisites:  This workshop is best suited to business users, business intelligence specialists, data analysts, and statisticians with basic knowledge of analytics. Students should have proficiency in a SQL language. A background in Java is not required. Prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop or Vertica is not required.

Partner Zone

Tuesday, August 12 – Wednesday, August 13

Visit the Developer Lounge

A cool place to chat with the engineers who make HP Vertica great!

You won’t want to miss visiting the Developer Lounge located in the right rear of the Partner Zone.  Experts from the HP Vertica Dev Team, including software engineers, test engineers, technical support engineers and technical writers will be available to discuss your questions and ideas. Consider scheduling an appointment to ensure you will have the right experts on hand. For more information and to schedule an appointment please submit your request here.


Track Session Overview

Tuesday, August 12 – Thursday, August 14

Business Track:

The business track is geared for business managers and team leads interested in learning about the successful adoption of emerging Big Data analytics use cases as well as best practices for measuring the value of their initiatives and the related lessons learned.

Technical Track:

The technical track features eight educational sessions presented by Vertica distinguished engineers, leading product experts, clients and business partners. It is where IT professionals and practitioners can focus on sharpening expertise, discovering new innovations and learning industry best practices.

Join the Technical Track to experience:

  • Deeper Insights – Deep-dive into product features and how-to sessions that look under-the-hood of HP Vertica
  • Performance Optimization – Work with prominent engineers who will share benchmarks and performance tuning information
  • Little-known Features– Look inside the little-known features of Vertica and how you can leverage them for ease-of-use and proper management of your cluster

Eco-System Track:

Big data analytics solutions increasingly require a vibrant eco-system of seamless technologies to help organizations begin leveraging all of their data. Learn how the ecosystem of BI/Visualization, Analytics, Data Transformation, Hadoop, and other partners add value to the Vertica and HAVEn big data analytics platforms and hear directly from customers who have successfully leveraged the Vertica platform and ecosystem partners to gain business value and ROI from next-generation Big Data solutions.

HAVEn Track:

The data landscape has changed. Game-changing businesses gain competitive edge by analyzing and acting upon machine data and human information as well as traditional transactional data. A new solution is needed for the complexity and velocity of this new style of IT.

  • Are you able to process, store, and index all critical data across your organization?
  • Can you draw actionable intelligence from business systems, machine data, and social media?
  • How effective are you at providing the business a 360 degree view of operations and customers?

Join the HAVEn track to experience:-

  • HP HAVEn -  the industry’s leading Big Data platform
  • Hear stories of innovative companies already transforming their business with HAVEn
  • How HP IT uses Big Data to deliver business value to HP.

Live Demo Theater:

The Live Demo Theatre is a new conference track where we give select partners an opportunity to show off their enhancements to the HP Vertica Analytics Platform. Join HP executives and HP partners as they hit the stage with their new, electrifying technologies or applications.  Be sure to check the demo theatre schedule to see demos, interact and drill-down on our partners’ solutions.