Vertica Big Data Conference 2014
Boston, August 11-14, 2014

Developer Lounge

Visit the Developer Lounge (located in the Partner Zone)

A cool place to chat with the engineers who make HP Vertica great!

The Developer Lounge will house a number of different experts from the HP Vertica Dev Team, including software engineers, test engineers, technical support engineers and technical writers who are responsible for making the HP Vertica Analytics Platform so great.

You can meet, discuss and get answers to your questions straight from the people who build, test and maintain the platform.

Meet the teams

Query-Performance managing-data-and-hadoop-team-1 managing-data-and-hadoop-team-2 analytics-extensibility
Query Performance Managing Data and Hadoop Managing Data and Hadoop Analytics and Extensibility
connecting platform Security management
Connecting to and from Vertica Platform and Scalability Security Management Console

The Developer Lounge will be made up of teams that will support the following areas. Please review these and refer to it while making your appointment below.

Query performance

Have a question about how to improve query performance? Come meet the team responsible for the HP Vertica query optimizer. Learn more about how to tweak your queries for better performance and learn about the latest features and enhancements in Database Designer.

Managing data and Hadoop

Want to share ideas and discuss best practices for managing your data with HP Vertica? Want to learn more about HP Vertica integrations with Hadoop? Visit the Data Management area to meet engineers responsible for developing data load and backup/restore features, as well as the connectors to Hadoop.

Analytics and extensibility

This area will be staffed by the team responsible for the development and support of the Vertica SDK as well as new analytics functionality for sentiment analysis, predictive and advanced analytics, and geospatial analysis.  Come to this area to ask questions and learn more about HP Vertica Pulse, Distributed R, HP Vertica Place, as well as our SDKs in Java, R, and C++.

Connecting to and from HP Vertica

Find out how to connect to HP Vertica from third-party tools. This area will be staffed by the team responsible for developing HP Vertica’s client drivers, the Plug-in for Informatica, and the Connectivity Pack for Microsoft.

Platform and scalability

Find out how to deploy, grow, and manage your HP Vertica cluster and database to continue meeting the growing needs of your applications and infrastructure. Meet the team responsible for developing and supporting the HP Vertica infrastructure, and discuss topics like resource management, large clusters and fault groups, elastic cluster, and more.


Learn more about the different ways the Dev Team is working to ensure the HP Vertica platform is safe and secure. This area will be staffed by engineers who develop, test, support, and document security features in HP Vertica.

Management Console

If you haven’t seen MC lately, you really haven’t seen MC! Come talk to the Dev Team responsible for implementing the latest features and enhancements to HP Vertica Management Console. Learn how the visualization that MC provides can simplify database administration and make it easier to evaluate troublesome queries.

As developers, we know you have your own ideas, questions and feedback and we would love to hear them.

It’s informal but informative so don’t be shy! Request an appointment below or email concierge@hp-vertica.com.

Don’t forget to join the conversation at #HackVertica.

We look forward to seeing you in Boston.