Vertica Big Data Conference 2014
Boston, August 11-14, 2014

Eco-System Track Sessions

Eco-System Track Sessions

Tuesday, August 12 – Wednesday, August 13


Got Pipeline? How HP turns their Big Data into Sales Pipeline and Closed Revenue – And How You Can Too.

Join Jimmy Hong of HP and Hugo Sheng of Qlik as they reveal and discuss how HP’s IT department uses HP Vertica and QlikView to:

·         Identify pipeline and potential opportunities

·         Determine accurate sales forecasts

·         Predict which opportunities are more likely to close

·         Improve performance of marketing and sales activities to ultimately create more pipeline, and close more revenue

In this spirited 1-hour session you’ll see demonstrations and real live examples of harnessing your big data for an increase in pipeline, sales, and overall return on your Big Data investment.

Date: Tuesday, August 12
Time: 10:30am – 11:10am
Jimmy Hong - Director of Business Intelligence Research,
Development, and Engineering – HP
Hugo Sheng – Senior Director, Partner Engineering – Qlik


HP Vertica MarketPlace

The HP Vertica MarketPlace is a new and exciting way to find software solutions for extending and better utilizing the Vertica platform. Attend this session to learn how to leverage the HP Vertica MarketPlace for finding eco-system solutions and reach the Vertica community. Meet a panel of partners participating in the marketplace and learn from their experience and insights. We’ll also discuss the roadmap and future directions for this central Vertica software portal.

Date: Tuesday, August 12
Time: 1:40pm – 2:20pm
Chris Bithos – HP Vertica Marketplace Manager
Jabari Norton – Strategic Alliances – MapR
Keenan Rice – Vice President, Alliances – Looker
Tim Rocte – Director of Product Management – HP Software


Slice and Dice Big Data with MicroStrategy

Looking to use Microstrategy with Vertica? Attend this session to learn how Tapjoy implemented the MicroStrategy BI tool on top of Vertica to analyze 100+ terabytes of highly dimensional and metric-rich data. This session will provide practical, technical tips on getting Vertica and MicroStrategy to work well together. Architectural topics include schema design, projection design, temporary table DDL. Performance topics include SQL execution plans and ETL design. Practical topics include Vertica operation and monitoring, MicroStrategy configuration, and hardware capacity planning.

Date: Tuesday, August 12
Time: 2:30pm – 3:10pm
David Abercrombie - Data Analytics Engineer – Tapjoy


Improving the Business of Healthcare through Better Analytics

As a pioneer in healthcare analytics, MedeAnalytics provides evidence-based insights to solve a real problem that plagues healthcare – how to use the immense amount of patient data collected along the care continuum to deliver cost-effective care and promote a healthier population.
At the forefront of innovation, MedeAnalytics has the first big data healthcare solution powered by HP Vertica. Together with data integration and analytics from Pentaho, Mede Analytics empowers providers and health plans to use data to strengthen their operations, reduce costs and improve the quality of care.
Join Eddie White of Pentaho and Chris Selland of HP Vertica in conversation with Ping Zhang for what promises to be a lively conversation about how MedeAnalytics is improving the business of healthcare through better analytics.

Date: Wednesday, August 13
Time: 9:40am – 10:20am
Ping ZhangSenior Vice President of Product Innovation and Chief Technology Officer - MedeAnalytics
Eddie White - Executive Vice President, Business Development – Pentaho
Chris Selland – VP of Marketing Business development – HP Vertica


Big Data and the Internet of Things: Making Sense of Machine Data

The Internet of Things (IOT) poses unique opportunities as well as challenges for modern enterprises. Attend this session to learn how Glassbeam leveraged HP Vertica and Logi Analytics to provide actionable intelligence on machine log data without sacrificing performance. Learn how to capture data from connected devices, provide real-time intelligence on KPI to increase traction in the sales process and grow revenue. And build this with fast, scalable, and seamless analytics in the cloud.

Date: Wednesday, August 13
Time: 10:30am – 11:10am
Vivek Sunderam – Solution Architect – Glassbeam

Agile & Scalable Analytics at Twitter

Twitter handles very large volumes of data, with more than 241 million monthly active users, 500 million tweets every day, and 300 billion tweets since 2006. But how do we even calculate these metrics at this scale? How can we track trends within these metrics? How can we ensure we’re keeping our data storage & query costs low?
We calculate and track our core metrics, along with allowing agile data analysis across our core data points, by using Vertica in conjunction with the rest of our data architecture­­ Hadoop, sharded MySQL clusters, traditional replicated MySQL clusters, and our in-house key/value store (Manhattan). We then use a combination of data analysis tools to leverage this data, including Tableau, in-house visualization tools & dashboards, and ad-hoc SQL itself.
We’re able to very quickly track critical metrics, perform agile, ad hoc analysis using standard SQL, and allow our engineers and data scientists to use “the best tool for the job” to make sure Twitter is performing at its best. We’re also able to keep costs down by ensuring we’re storing data in the most efficient manner possible, while keeping query performance high.

Date: Wednesday, August 13
Time: 1:40pm – 2:10pm
Josh Varner -Senior Database Administrator - Twitter

*Track session topics are subject to change.