Vertica Big Data Conference 2014
Boston, August 11-14, 2014

Technical Track Speakers 2014

Technical Track – Speakers

Chuck Bear
Senior Developer
HP Vertica
Chuck is one of the original developers of the Vertica database.
Despite 9 years of work as an individual contributor, architect, and pinch manager, he still writes code.
Sharon Cutter
Independant Consultant
Sharon Cutter is an independent consultant for the Vertica Analytic Database. She joined Vertica in 2008 as the technical lead for the Technical Support team, and also provided Professional Services and training.She specializes in troubleshooting database performance issues.  Previously Sharon worked at Oracle Corporation as an escalation engineer for the Oracle OLAP / Express Server products and as a software engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation developing software development tools and compilers.
Brian Dougherty
Chief Technical Architect
CMA Consulting
Brian Dougherty is a Senior Database and Data Warehouse Technical Architect with more than 25 years experience in the design, development, and implementation of very large terabyte sized  UNIX , Linux and IBM mainframe information systems with emphasis on Relational Database Technology (HP Vertica , Oracle RAC, Greenplum and DB2) and Data Warehouse Architectures. His specific areas of expertise include Data Warehouse Architecture, VLDB, Large Cluster Databases, Objects and Relational Databases, Physical Database Design and Tuning, and Database Administration. His experience includes work with many Fortune 500 companies and large governmental agencies.Mr. Dougherty was the founding architect and held a provisional patent for the CMA Microterabyte Oracle RAC clustered computing platform. He also was the founding architect for CMA’s V3 Big Data Platform featuring Vertica 7 and Hadoop.  He is currently lead product architect for CMA’s Data Ingestion Suite, a high speed data transport to Vertica orchestration software with end-point intelligence.Mr. Dougherty has been the lead architect for numerous award-winning Data Warehouses. He was lead architect for the 1999 Data Warehouse Institute’s Best Practices Award Winner in the Very Large Warehouse Category (VLDB). His architecture and designs have also been nominated for the Computerworld Smithsonian Award and have become part of the Permanent Research Collection on Information Technology at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.Prior to CMA, Mr. Dougherty was a senior database consultant for Coopers & Lybrand and Delloite & Touche after graduate school and teaching at Syracuse University
Bob Hansen
Software Engineer
HP Vertica
Bob is an engineer with Vertica’s Data Management team in charge of making Vertica a vibrant part of the greater Hadoop ecosystem.  Turning customers’ needs into new features, he is making Vertica into the peaceful island floating in the center of your data lake.  For his entire career, Bob has been dedicated to making systems go faster and scale better.  Before joining Vertica, Bob has been the chief architect for systems that use voice recognition to save lives, display real-time sentiment analysis around the world, and provide the Command and Control system of record for the U.S. Army.  Sometimes he uses an axe during product demonstrations.
Bo Hyun Kim
Senior Developer
HP Vertica
Bo-Hyun Kim joined HP Vertica in the Management Console team. She is working on many exciting features such as visualizing the workload management and resource pools activities, and building the highly interactive dashboard view of MC-managed database and cluster activities that users can drilldown. Prior to joining HP Vertica, she worked at Oracle Corp., where she developed analytic software package that predicts consumers’ purchase decisions. Previously, she worked as a data analyst at Philips Research North America. She received B.S. in EE/CS from Carnegie Mellon University and M.S. from Columbia University.
Jim Krieger
MI Architect
Verisk Health
Jim is a Software Architect at Verisk Health, a healthcare company helping health plans employers, providers, and payers better understand the health and risk of their populations to improve quality, reduce costs, ensure payment accuracy, and support compliance. Jim is technical hands-on architect with over 30 years of experience in the industry in application, integration, and enterprise architecture.  Jim has successfully architected software products and led multi-disciplinary product development teams across time zones and in verticals including – Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Manufacturing, and Travel. Jim holds a Bachelor’s degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
Eugenia Moreno
Professional Services Engineer
HP Vertica
Eugenia Moreno joined Vertica at Version 4.0, more than 3 years ago. She started as support engineer and after 18 months moved to Vertica Professional Service team to have a stronger and more facing relationship with Vertica Customers. Her main goal is educate customers about Vertica best practices and help them to design and architect their Vertica implementations to take advantage of Vertica full power and improve their Vertica Experience. Eugenia is an Information System Engineer graduated in Argentina; moved to the US 15 years ago and got a Master in Information Technology at Bentley University and Graduate Certificate in Management of Projects and Programs at Brandeis University.
Indrajit Roy
Principal Researcher
HP Labs
Indrajit Roy is a principal researcher at HP Labs and part of the HP Vertica engineering team. He builds distributed systems for machine learning and graph analytics. Indrajit has multiple publications in systems research and a best paper award at Middleware 2013. Indrajit received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin.
Chris Sulawko
Senior Developer
HP Vertica
Since joining HP Vertica in June 2013, Chris has been a senior developer on the Management Console team. He has been responsible for a number of fun features for the MC, such as the query-monitoring and query-profiling tools (fun for me, useful for you!). Prior to working at HP Vertica, Chris was getting aBS in CS at Brown University.
Sunil Venkayala
Technical Product Manager
HP Vertica
Sunil is currently a Technical Product Manager at HP Vertica in Cambridge, Mass. Previously, he was a Product Manager and Architect of Sales Configurator platforms at Oracle. Prior to that, he led Java Data Mining (JDM) standards and implementation at Oracle, and also led many modules of Oracle’s Data Mining platform.
Ben Vandiver
Senior Developer
HP Vertica
Ben Vandiver has been a software engineer at HP Vertica for almost exactly 6 years, having joined as Vertica version 2.5 was just about to ship.  He has worked on diverse areas such as transactions, locking, metadata management, cluster coherence, fault tolerance, and teaching interns to fight with swords.  Ben manages the Distributed Infrastructure, Execution Engine and Security teams, and in his spare time dreams up crazy new things the Vertica Analytic Database could do. Ben holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from MIT in the field of database fault tolerance.
Stephen Walkauskas
Software Engineer
HP Vertica
Stephen Walkauskas has been a Software Engineer at HP Vertica for over 6 years, not nearly as long as Chuck but 3 days longer than Ben. Stephen works on the Vertica Analytic Database in areas such as recovery, storage optimization, efficient re-distribution of data across the cluster, backup and restore, and Hadoop integration. Prior to joining Vertica he was a Software Engineer at Endeca, which grew from 10 employees to over 500 in the nearly 9 years he was there. Stephen holds a B.S. in Physics from Boston College. He enjoyed his computational work there and transitioned into a career in software engineering. He is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, where he’s returned to open a Vertica Engineering office after nearly two decades in Boston.
Bryan Whitmore
Corporate Systems Engineer
HP Vertica
Bryan brings 2 decades of Systems and Customer Facing experience to Vertica Labs, working with leading customers to monetize their data assets. Bryan cites smart customers as his best mentors – customers demonstrate that a solution is agile, operationally sustainable, and scalable to evolving business needs. As a Principle Architect, Bryan leverages his customer experiences in Networking, Storage, Industry Standard Servers, and Applications to develop cost effective and highly scalable Big Data solutions.
Vincent Xu
Software Development Manager
HP Vertica
Vincent Xu is currently leading as the Software Development Manager at HP Vertica. Vincent is a technical hands-on manager with over 20 years of experience in the industry in developing software . He has held previous leadership roles at Google, FlightView.Com and Comverse. Vincent holds a Master’s degree from Northeastern University in Computer Science and Masters in Business Administration from Cornell University the S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management
Our exciting lineup of speakers will be growing.  Check back often to see who’s been added.